Rebuttal - False Reviews of Jason Hasty, Realtor, Showcase Realty II, Hesperia, CA

Need Proof that JASON HASTY'S REVIEWS are FALSE? We ranked Showcase Realty II ( 7 OUT OF 10 Keywords ) ON FIRST PAGE GOOGLE! Below are links to his screen shots.

• FIRST PAGE RANKING IN THE MAP A-G (Without A Guarantee):

Foreclosure Services Hesperia CA

Foreclosures Hesperia CA

Foreclosure Hesperia CA

Foreclosure Listings Hesperia CA

Foreclosure Service Hesperia CA


Real Estate Agency Hesperia CA

Real Estate Agent Hesperia CA


Agrees To Service Online


1) Cannot Use City Names In Google Categories TO MANIPULATE GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS
2) Domain Registered on July 18, 2011

To whom it may concern...

It is unfortunate for us to have to create a web page in order to counter the continued smear campaign efforts carried out by one Jason Hasty, a Realtor of Showcase Realty II in Hesperia, California.

However, eGumball is a legitimate service provider, offering genuine value to its clients, and we are therefore unwilling to allow individuals attempting to leverage false complaints to hold our company to ransom.

The Core Facts:

Jason Hasty signed our service agreement earlier this year, contracting eGumball to manage his local Internet marketing campaign. Like any legitimate, transparent service provider we require each client to sign our marketing agreement, agreeing to our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions were agreed to by signature, as well as log-on through the eGumball website. Both these sets of terms and conditions clearly include our ‘No Guarantee’ clause, along with a clear statement the eGumball is not Google, nor an official representative thereof.

A few days after signing our service agreement, Jason Hasty phoned our offices, cancelling our services, citing that eGumball's sales staff had failed to properly explain our services and our terms and conditions.

Let it be known that we honoured this cancelation.

However, shortly after discussing the reasons behind the simple fact that no guarantees can ever be made by a service provider of our type, Mr Hasty decided to renew his agreement and go ahead with our service.

After three months, Jason Hasty's company was ranking on the first page for SEVEN OUT OF HIS TEN contracted keywords (see links above). In fact, our service was progressing as expected, until Google discovered a duplicate listing which required suspension via post card, a process which can take up to thirty days.

Mr Hasty was not happy with Google mandating verification by post card, and therefore decided to request a cancelation of our service, along with a full refund. This request was considered, as Jason Hasty's company was ranking extremely well as a result of our service. Mr Hasty then repeated his demand, threatening to publish wildly inaccurate reviews – accompanied by Zero-Star ratings – around the Internet unless we issued a full refund. We again denied this demand, and also informed Mr Hasty that if his reviews proved to be inaccurate or exaggerated, our legal department would be left with no choice but to file a complaint against him as a consequence of his actions.

Let it also be known that as of July 18, 2011, Jason Hasty has changed his reviews three times to suit himself against our continued rebuttals to his false accusations. What Jason Hasty does not realize is that our earlier posted screen shots were limited to our manual searches, not our stock of cached screen shots. We maintain that his reviews are false, and that these will soon be posted for your review.

It is our considered opinion that Jason Hasty has only hurt himself. He did not give Google the opportunity to crawl and index the submitted data from our citation channels (again, this can take up to ninety days to complete). Anyone who has common knowledge of search engine web crawlers, and the time it takes to index and publish Google-scraped content, would know that early results are not reliable.

eGumball had him ranking for 70% of his contracted keywords.

Jason Hasty's file is now in the hands of our legal department.

In Consequence:

Due to a small number of online discussions about whether or not eGumball claim a professional association with Google, Jason Hasty has now incorporated these into his reviews, and claims that eGumball professed a partnership with Google.

We categorically deny this claim.

As everyone is aware, Google does not partner with anyone. Google's own terms of service clearly state this and so does our website ( Jason Hasty is adding this to his allegations, after reviewing other online content which misinterpreted our service as being a part of Google.

We provided Mr Hasty with our application, our terms and conditions, our coversheet, our agenda worksheet, seven lifeline emails and account log-in credentials, all which clearly state that we are not Google, and that we have no special relationship with Google.

What is alarming to us is that after Jason Hasty's first cancellation, and following a long discussion about why there can never be a 'Guarantee' from local SEOs or Google Places Optimizers, would someone continue to think we are Google's partner.

Which one of our many disclosures did Jason Hasty fail to read? Is it not within a Realtor's professional remit to read documentation, contracts and disclosures.

eGumball has served Jason Hasty as per Google's guidelines and requirements, and therefore cannot be held liable, especially when Jason Hasty's business was on the first page of Google even without any guarantee .

If you have received emails from Jason Hasty asking for your help with his smear campaign, we ask you to please accept our apology. We respectfully ask that you forward any email sent from Jason Hasty to our office. The email address is

We appreciate your business and continued support.

Yours Truly,

eGumball, Inc.

When there can never be any guarantee... you need a service you can rely on.

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